Forgetters – O Deadly Death Lyrics

“‘Moo-hoo-hoo-ha-ha-ha,’ came the long, hollow, sepulchral sound of triumphant Dr. Sax’s profound and hidden laughter […] in the excruciatingly exciting dark shadows of Saturday Night”
O deadly death
I laid down long for you
I hold my breath
In darkened rooms
And no one shows
Me how to live
Quite like the threat
O deadly death
O razor thrills
You sing my arms to life
O parent pills
I’m too alive
And no one knows
How good it feels
To come so close
To one surreal
To come so close
When I get low
You can’t forget
There’s always you
There’s always one thing left
There’s always death
O lovely life
I think I know your worth
For one hundred nights
You’ve done your worst
You’ve let me know
The awful thirst
Along your blade
On loose red come
I found my way
I found my way
I found my way
I found my way

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