Jessie Reyez – Far Away Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Mmm-mmm Mmm-mmm [Verse 1] Hand on the Bible (Lord have mercy) I think you’re the love of my life (Yeah) Maybe ’cause you hop on a flight to find me I feel like I need you tonight beside me (Yeah) You’re still a world away And you’re still waitin’ for you papers Been feelin’ like […]

AJ Tracey – Cat Pack Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Daytrip took it to 10 [Chorus] Me, I set pace and I’m active (ahh) Your girl wants me as a captive (yeah) Smoking gelato, it’s cat piss If it weren’t bro, then I slapped it (bow!) West London, call me the savior (woah) Won’t do a shawty a favor (no) Come to the block, you’re […]

Camila Cabello – Cry For Me Lyrics

(Don’t you, baby?) Did you forget, you said that in this lifetime you can never get over me? [Chorus] I want you to cry for me, cry for me (Oh, yeah) Say you’d d-d-die for me, die for me And if you can’t, then maybe, lie for me, lie for me (Maybe, lie for me, lie for me) ‘Cause […]