Kero Kero Bonito – Battle Lines Lyrics

Play this song Know the nation you keep Identify and feed them their grief Cut them off from the people Take each cell and repeat Assign their trouble to the unseen Then protected you’ll be Make dull chaos the rule Reduce their spirit and you’ll find soon They’ll be too weak to fight you (By the will of God […]

Young M.A – No Love Lyrics

Why they hate a nigga for no reason? Come on, man Fuck the streets, man The streets don’t love us [Verse 1] Man, we livin’ to die For my fam, man, I’m willin’ to die That image of my brother layin’ dead is still in my mind You can see the pain still in my […]

Young M.A – Kold World (2019) Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Zaytoven Ayy, man Ayy, you gotta be careful who you play with Everybody ain’t playin’, man [Chorus] Loyalty ain’t nothin’ but a word, that’s my word Niggas actin’ like they in your lane, then they swerve (Skrrt) You can’t sit with us no more, this table is reserved (Yeah) For niggas who deserve to eat […]

Lukas Graham – Lie Lyrics

You can’t sa-a-ay You’re fine no-o-o-ow [Verse 2] Said you’d never call again Guess it didn’t go how you imagined it I know what it is (Yeah) All the time with him, you were wanting this Yeah, you were wanting this [Pre-Chorus] Isn’t it, isn’t it something How easy you’re falling Like he was nothing? […]

Dove Cameron – Waste Lyrics

Play this song [Verse 1] Well you have me in, in your hands Like a lit, like a lit cigarette Now I’m here in your room hitting snooze On the side of your bed I should’ve known it the day we met That shit is worse than a hit and run [Verse 2] My mom thinks I need therapy […]

Kevin Gates – RBS Intro Lyrics

I’m a real big speaker And look, shout out to my bitch, I was penitentiary rich In the streets I do my shit, I could really feed people As-salāmu ʿalaykum, mozza, ta’alee, jamelek be jannini I’m a real big speaker [Verse 2] I don’t fear nothin’ but God, I ain’t got no bodyguard In the […]