Juice WRLD – Murder Rate Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: Future] Wheezy outta here [Chorus] Yeah I get higher than the murder rate (Huh, yeah) Shut the fuck up, I can’t concentrate (Huh, shit, yeah) If you try me today, you gon’ die today On my knees, I been praying for better days I don’t mean an assist, tryna fade away (Hoo, shit) Yeah, I […]

K CAMP – Homecoming Freestyle Lyrics

Play this song [Intro] Yeah Haha, these niggas was playin’ with Camp, for real Fuck wrong with these niggas? (Nah) I get big bread, I ain’t gotta say, “Cheese” (Fuck ’em) Niggas rather post a pic and hide behind the keys (Fuck ’em) Niggas talkin’ hits, bitch, I got a few of these (Fuck ’em) […]

G-Eazy – I Wanna Rock Lyrics

Play this song [Intro: G-Eazy] Yeah Young Gerry, it’s gettin’ scary Oh [Chorus: G-Eazy] I wanna rock, I wanna rock (Rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (Rock) I wanna rock, I wanna rock (Rock) 1da finna let the raw bass drop (Uh) [Post-Chorus: G-Eazy] If you feel better, you can hate me then If you feel better, you […]

Travis Scott – Grey Lyrics

[Verse 3] I’m on that last night trip She on my last night flip, I flip She on that last night dip We on that swing-type [?] Lil’ pearla-dot, [?] her slit She gon’ that [?] phone, I got She on my jambone, bitch Yeah, last night [?] Cell phone [?], [?] [?] She edgin’ […]

Future & Young Thug – 10 Years Lyrics

Hold on, I’ma put you down as soon as the beat drop (Yeah) Right here [Pre-Chorus: Young Thug & Future] I been drinkin’ lean 10 years consistently I been poppin’ pills 10 years consistently Breakin’ all the rules, won’t give ’em decency She said fuck her soft, give her some decency I bought 20 tabs on the regular (Yeah) […]

Alec Benjamin – At The Bottom Lyrics

I made you turn the other way in bed In this bed You’ve been whispering words under your breath Wish I knew the thoughts inside your head In your head [Pre-Chorus] You’re distant when you’re hungry Smile when you’re sad I can read it on your body When you’re mad and you don’t wanna talk […]

YK Osiris – Fake No Mo Lyrics

Yeah, yeah [Pre-Chorus] I tell you, “I love you”, you say you love me I know you don’t (I know you don’t) I tell you, “I love you”, you say you love me I know you don’t I tell you, “I love you”, you say you love me I know you don’t (I know you […]

JayDaYoungan – Nobody Safe Lyrics

Eyes closed, I seen loud jackets me in the room Nobody but me, myself, and who? Play this song [Intro] Ayy, Trel The Heroes [Verse] Been thinkin’ to myself, like why the fuck they hate on me? Fuck trust, can’t put my trust in him or you You don’t trust me so why the fuck […]